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Process Simulations
Process Simulations

At ESPL, we have developed niche expertise different types of finite element analysis while offering our services to customers in India and gloablly be it structural or crash or durability. Following are the areas in which ESPL offers finite element analysis services and solutions.

Multi-Body Dynamics:

Moving part in automobiles, aircrafts to washing machine generate different loads that are complex to predict. Analysis of interaction of multiple moving parts is vital for product design. Motion analysis comprises of kinematics, vehicular cornering, vibration, and durability etc. Its application in suspension systems, landing gear in aircrafts, robotic manipulator illustrates its relevance.

Crash Analysis:

Car crash simulations are few of the most critical simulations at Vehicle Integration level in the development cycle. Meeting crash requirements as per different Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS, NCAP, EC, Japanese- NCAP) is a compliance aspect to deliver a safe car to the end customers.

There are different types of crash simulations like full frontal, side, rear, rollover at vehicle level and like Crash Management System (CMS), seating, interior crash at system level.

Other applications – drop testing, forming simulation, shock loads

NVH Analysis:

Noise and Vibrations are unwanted outcomes of dynamic loadings. The failures because vibration could be severe in terms of Product warranty. NVH aspects are critical from user comfort and ergonomic perspectives. With NVH simulations like cyclic vibrations (FRF), random vibrations (PSD/ RLD), transfer path analysis, aero- acoustics, NVH effects can be reduced in the Product Development phase.

Fatigue and Durability:

Prediction of structural failure subjected to varying load cycles/ dynamic loads is a challenging task since there are many parameters are associated with such failures. Fatigue and Durability analysis will assist designer to determine the life/ no. of duty cycles and maintenance schedule during the operations. There are different types of durability simulations like High Cycle Fatigue (HCF), Low Cycle Fatigue (LCF), Cumulative life prediction using Miner’s rule. All the durability simulations need a sound understanding of material behavior and load definition. However, with proper implementation of Durability simulations, designer gets overall idea about Product life much in advance.