ESPL offers services & solutions in CAE and only CAE. This makes ESPL’s offerings highly specialized and comprehensive. Over the years, ESPL has understood customer’s requirements from the simulation results and have developed skills accordingly considering engineering fundamentals as the foundation of our offerings.

ESPL has one of the best infrastructures required for CAE business which includes a team of skilled engineers, in- house HPC cluster, availability of almost all commonly used CAE tools, certified information security systems and communication systems.

ESPL supports many leading global companies in product development. We understand that our customers need to share their confidential data with us while supporting them. At ESPL, we take Information security seriously and have certified information security systems by means ISO 27001: 2013 & TISAX certification. We are open for a third-party Information security audit as per the customer’s requirements.

ESPL defines project scope, methodology, deliverables, and intermediate deliveries very clearly in line with the customer’s requirements before start of the project. In short, we ensure 100% clarity in the support execution. Our customers can monitor intermediate deliveries to have a feel of confidence about the offshore execution. Depending upon the duration of the projects, status review meetings are conducted in a professional manner

The answer is No. Before the start of project, we prepare a Statement of Work (SoW) document based on the understanding of customer’s expected output and this document forms the basis of offshore execution and this document is approved by the customer before start of execution. Once SoW document is formulated, there is practically no need of customer interactions (unless scope changes). Typically, we may not need more than 2% of customer’s time once all inputs are available.

Principally, ESPL can setup a dedicated Project Office for specific customer requirements based on the terms of business. ESPL has infrastructure and systems supporting dedicated project office setup. We are already having a couple of Project Offices for our long term OEM customers with very high level of Information security requirements. Third party audit can be possible for such Project Office setup.