A reliable CAE company

A startup in 2006 to a reliable Engineering Partner for Global customers today

At ESPL, “Customer Experience” forms the core of our business. For us, service is a concept that caters to all the needs of a customer under one roof providing highly competent and customized Engineering solutions.

We understand customer’s current and future needs and adapt ourselves accordingly with the implementation of the latest technological trends through our unique blend of competitive advantage, innovative solutions, and ownership with consistent performance.

Over the years, we have excelled the best practices and have fine-tuned our global delivery model in the engineering service space. ESPL's sustainable growth is the symbol of us being a trustworthy partner.

Vision 2025

Developing ourselves as a “CAE Center of Excellence” in the era of Industry 4.0.

Engineering Offerings:

We offer premium Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) Solutions and Services for our global esteemed customers. The scope of support starts right from the concept stage to the Start of Production (SoP) in Product Development cycle.

We have created a niche in the mobility domain. We offer wide range of CAE Solutions which can be classified into Finite Element/ Structural Analysis (FEA/ FEM), Flow and Heat Transfer (CFD), Multiphysics engineering simulations,Crash analysis , Fatigue & Durability, NVH, Multi Body System Simulation (MBS), Optimization and 1D system simulations and much more.

Continuous Development & Innovation

We at ESPL strongly believe that “Continuous Development” is the ONLY key to the sustainable growth in this ever-changing dynamic world. We are continuously developing organically with the latest technological advancements and expertise in other domains like wind energy, consumer goods as well. At ESPL, innovation is of prime importance coupled with our ever-going skill enhancement modules.

We strive to contribute in the product engineering of future mobility segment. This includes system engineering for Electric Vehicle (EVs) & Fuel Cell Technologies in order to contribute to global challenges of reducing CO2 emissions for making this world a better place with fewer carbon prints.

Future Plans

In coming years, we shall have a special focus on CAE Automation and will develop more and more customized CAE methods in line with the customer requirements using scripting in Python & Matlab. One of the future developments will be Simulation Data analysis by adopting Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies.