HVAC Systems (Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning)

HVAC Systems | Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning

Maintaining comfortable thermal ambience inside the passenger compartment is one of the main requirements while developing an automotive HVAC system.

In an electric car, HVAC system draws the power required for it’s operations from the battery systems, directly reducing the capacity of the car to travel a longer distance. In a conventional car with IC engine, noise coming from engine dominates the air noise coming from HVAC. In EVs, in absence of the engine noise, constant air noise from air blower may buzz and irritate the passengers. Performance efficiency and Low air noise have now become additional requirements of HVAC systems for EVs.

Windscreen Defrost & Demisting Simulations (20 min transient Defrost simulation)

ISO 3468:2014 defines standard requirements for the Defrosting & Demisting of windscreen in the prescribed timeline. OEMs need to meet the standard requirements as a compliance. In case of non- confirmatory to meet the standard requirements, it is highly challenging to accommodate any design change because of packaging, styling and interdependence of multiple parts and assemblies. At ESPL, we are supporting a couple Tier-1 HVAC system suppliers to simulate defrosting & demisting much in advance to overcome the challenges. Flow, heat transfer, phase change, complex geometry of passenger cavity and 20 minutes of cycle time simulation make this CFD task one of the most complicated.

How much time do we need to carry out the 20 min transient defrosting simulation at our in- house HPC cluster? To know the answer, kindly contact us.