1D System Simulation

1D System Simulation

1D system simulation or 1D simulation in short is very effective method to get basic inputs required for the system design at the concept stage of product development. It also helps to simulate different operating parameters quickly and deliver inputs required for 3D simulations.

At ESPL, we are working of different 1D system simulations. Few of them are listed below.

Engine Performance Simulation:

Optimizing engine performance and fuel consumption while reducing pollutant emissions is challenging task. Engine control unit can be programmed to adjust parameters with help of temperature sensor, throttle positions sensor etc to achieve required performance. For developing suitable control strategies, simulation is vital. After treatment system, turbocharging, predictive combustion and knock, exhaust acoustics encompasses few simulation scenarios under performance evaluation of engine.

Drive Cycle Simulation:

A cost effective and faster alternative to chassis dynamo testing is 1D simulation. It provides a comprehensive model with predictive combustion and turbocharging for a chosen drive cycle. Different road profiles can be simulated virtually.

Battery System Simulation:

Integration of battery pack into entire drivetrain virtually, enables to predict operating modes under specified drive conditions. Component level optimization is essential for optimum performance which can predicted by 1D simulations.