Automotive Exteriors

Exterior Systems

At ESPL, we have a couple of Tier-1 Automotive Exterior system suppliers as our valuable customers since 2013 onwards and support them for the following.

  • Bumper & Crash Management System
  • Headlamp System
  • Mirror Assembly
  • Closures (hood, doors, trunk)

Thermal Analysis of Headlamp

New legislation in the many countries needs to have headlamp switched on during driving irrespective of day or night time travel. A good amount of heat is generated inside the headlamp assembly for long distance traveling because of switching ON the headlamps throughout. Sometimes, the amount of heat is sufficient to soften the plastic parts like lens, deflector plate and might deform the parts creating a risk for safety.

A Multi- physics simulation methodology assists designers to assess such risks.


Can the provision of venting help to dissipate heat out of the system? Yes. Venting can let go some heat out of the headlamp cavity. However, it would be followed by another serious problem for the safety. What can be the problem because of provision of venting?

Contact our CFD experts who have worked on many similar projects.