Battery System (Cell/ Module/ Pack) Simulation

Battery System Simulation

Chemical energy is converted into electric current in the battery. The performance and the life of batteries greatly rely on the thermal conditions. When the current is passed through the batteries, they dissipate heat and temperatures in the batteries also increase. It is highly important to design an efficient cooling of battery system. CFD plays an important role in the Battery pack thermal management system simulations.

The structural integrity & safety are two other aspects of the battery pack development. The structural performance of the battery pack in side crash test of a vehicle is highly important.

Few Simulation expertise related to Battery Systems at ESPL

  • Electro chemical simulation of battery cell – Estimation of heat generated due to electro chemical reaction, determination of charging and discharging cycle time.
  • Battery pack thermal management system simulations – Evaluation of cooling requirements.
  • Battery life prediction – Estimation of battery life using 1D.
  • Structural simulation of battery pack – Thermal, drop test, crash performance, stiffness and durability analysis, cyclic and random vibration, mechanical shock impact, nail penetration.
  • Thermal management of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles - Temperature distribution in Lithium- ion batteries for different drive cycles.