We are changing! And changing for the future.

The Year is changing and so are We..!

Since our establishment in 2006, we focused our solutions mostly on Mechanical Engineering Aspects. Future will need a paradigm shift in the Product development with an “Integrated Engineering” Approach. This means that the product development would be blending of all forms of engineering. The future product development will employ mechanical engineering for physical design and manufacturing, electric competence for electrification and electronics expertise for system controls and latest trends of Automation using AI & ML.

We sensed the need for broadening our horizons to be above the curve in future.

Our newly designed Logo marks the symbolic beginning for this new change. We are pleased to launch our new logo and tagline- “Integrated Engineering”.

Card image cap

The seamless Logo represents our approach towards our customers. The color contour changing from red to blue implies our efforts and consistency in changing the simulation from “NO GO” stage towards an optimized design. The color symbolizes our product development approach while developing an under-designed elements to a fully functional system.

We are getting all set to implement this change to create new milestones in our journey towards integrated engineering.

With this New Year, we have updated our Business Vision to align with Integrated Engineering Approach. Do visit our website for further details and stay tuned with us for the next upcoming years.

**Equilibrium Solutions Wishes you a very Happy New Year. **

**Stay Warm & Safe. **